Activ8 - About Karla

My background in the fitness industry spans 18 years...

As you would expect, this has meant I have a got to experience a range of opportunities as a trainer.   A number of those years (8) were spent as a Group Fitness trainer in New Zealand and Australia, working and training at Les Mills facilities, curating Freelance Boxfit and Sprintfit classes…even managing a Fitness Centre in Taupo!
My main passion as a trainer is incorporating the outdoors into my programmes.  I believe getting out and experiencing the outdoors, breathing fresh air and taking in beautiful surroundings is not only good for the body but also hugely beneficial for the Mind and Soul!
I have been running Boot Camp course now for 8 years, firstly in Taupo, and now in Tauranga.  I have completed the Great Lake Challenge, several Mountain Biking events, the odd half marathon as well as a number of Tough Guy/Girl challenges.
My aim and focus within what I do is to help others develop a lifestyle that fosters fitness to become a natural habit – doing without having to talk ourselves into it, treat it as more than just a “chore”.   Fitness is something that we do because we know the positive results from it – feeling betting mentally and physically – we are happier and generally more balanced, healthy people for it.
Connecting the Mind with the Body to reach goals that we want personally, professionally and otherwise.